Fasano Designs is a full service interior design firm specializing in the needs of Los Angeles, New York and New Zealand. Whether designing residential, commercial or hospitality, Fasano Designs has built its' international reputation on achieving individual results for a discerning clientele. For over ten years, Fasano Designs has successfully combined a passion for beautiful, functional and extraordinary designs with industry-leading methodologies in creating spaces that people can truly connect with.

​Along with a broad and diversified portfolio, listening to client aspirations, Fasano Designs create unique spaces that not only fulfills the needs but also the personal desires of our clients. Fasano Designs is proud of its long history in the design industry and far more by the loyalty of an astounding client base who have been the foundation of inspiration by which all of our extraordinary spaces have been created.



Nicola originally founded Fasano Designs in 2004 after over seven years of managing a furniture showroom where she specialised in custom furniture design and in home design consultation. Soon after she developed a loyal and influential client base by whom saw her not only a gifted designer but also a reliable partner for their personal and professional design needs


Yasemin Ozgur received her interior design degree in 2016 from the Art Institute of California after living in Boston, Bahrain and Turkey. She is the junior designer specializing in visuals and 3D. Her passion for design started at a young age growing up in different cultural environments as well as an architect family.


Whiskey is, obviously, the center of attention of our team. As a gentlemen, he will great you with long respectful kisses and join all the meetings.

PS: He likes tall curly treats.


Anette Sharvit is a licensed general contractor and interior designer who has been servicing the Los Angeles area for the past 10 years after practicing real estate in New York City. Anette has worked on many modern masterpieces such as the Minecraft House 


Kimberly Behling after a successful career in real estate, Kimberly moved into the world of interior design by founding one of the first elite staging companies in the greater Los Angeles area. Today Kimberly has refocused her efforts into private interior design.