Interior Design

The process of designing any interior always starts with......questions. Whether it be personal or professional, the bases of information we gather from you will determine everything to come in the design process which can be anything from a simple color consultation to project managing a complete remodel of a home, office or restaurant. We can be as involved as we collectively decide will most assist in your space. While some clients want to take an active part of the entire process there are many who give us the ultimate compliment by entrusting everything to us as they would prefer to "just show up" and have everything perfect. We communicate and you decide.


It is your space...

​Home Staging

Fasano Designs has had a long time relationship with UPStage LA. Nicola herself will work with UPStage to personally design and implement your home staging prior to sale.


UPSTage LA. was one of the very first high end home staging companies in the LA area and still enjoys the loyalty of amazing developers and elite real estate agents throughout the great Los Angeles area.


It is unbelievable the difference staging makes to any home on the market. UPStage LA staged homes sell consistantly and constantly faster.


Visit thier website;


​Office Design

Designing spaces for people to live, work and play is the mission of the Fasano Designs design team. Specialising in creating dynamic, efficient workspaces that encourage not only efficiency but collaboration and productivity as well.


Whether it's your home office or a large corporate, our expertise extends to a range of useful tools that can help you to determine exactly what kind of space you need.

Custom Joinery/Furniture

Having realised early on that sometimes finding that "perfect" piece can be more than just mildly frustrating, Working exclusively with hand selected craftsmen, Fasano Designs is able to deliver one of a kind solutions that will not only do EXACTLLY what you need them to but will look absolutely stunning in the process.